Legendary delights with a pinch of history...

Would Cleopatra prefer milk or dark chocolate?

How many cookies would be consumed by the Olympian Gods?

This series of semi-serious, “philosophical” questions were the trigger which led to the creation of Choco Myths, along with our passion for chocolate, travelling and world history.

Established in 2016, the Choco Myths concept is based on combining mythological, fictional and historical characters with chocolate and biscuit products, all presented in a fun but always respectful way.

Our goal is to create delicious sustainable products with the highest-quality standards, while offering an educational sweet touch. Our products, their colorful packaging and our artistic caricatures intrigue people and make them want to learn more about the featured figures, the civilizations and the myths behind them. A short story about each character is available on the back of every pack.

The brand’s product line-up includes chocolate bars, chocolate boxes, cookies, roasted almond dragées and chocolate minis, presented in stand-out packaging featuring characters from across the world.

Our designs are created by the Greek award-winning caricaturist Dimitris Georgopalis.

Choco Myths…sweet delights with a pinch of history!

Stay tuned for the latest collections!