Welcome to Sweet Myths where fun meets taste!

Discover the magic of Sweet Myths, where every product has its own story! At Sweet Myths, we mix tradition with a touch of fun, making delicious treats presented in stand-out packaging. Our menu includes several versions of baklava, delights and halva; Our legendary baklava is crunchy and sweet, our celebrated delights are little bites of joy and our iconic halva is smooth and tasty. Join the Sweet Myths adventure by meeting our products and amazing chefs:

Introducing our Chefs

Mr. Bak Lovius

Mr. Bak is our fun-loving pastry chef! He speaks Latin, English, and Arabic, and loves to travel. He’s married with five kids who all love sweets just like him! He finds inspiration from different places he visits around the world. His favorite dessert is of course baklava—a delicious treat made with pastry sheets, nuts, and sweet syrup. His secret recipes are very special and kept safe in a locked box that only Mr. Bak has the key to open. Get ready for a tasty adventure featuring his delicious baklava!

upografi baklavas

Mr. Hal Vamman

Introducing the halva specialist! Mr. Hal speaks German and Dutch and loves making the best halva you've ever tasted. He’s married with two wonderful kids and enjoys spending most of his time at home, watching TV and experimenting in the kitchen. Naturally, his favorite dessert is…halva. Unlike many chefs, he loves to share his recipes with everyone. So, if you ever get a chance to meet Mr. Hal, don’t hesitate to ask for his halva secrets! Join in on the fun and create delicious memories through his iconic halva products!

upografi halvas 01

Mr. Lou Koumades

Presenting our Delights specialist Mr. Lou! He speaks Greek and Swahili and has a passion for creating tasty delights! He’s single and enjoys spending his free time reading books and playing chess with friends. He loves every type of dessert and is a true connoisseur of sweets. Nevertheless, his true passion is the making of delights! But here’s the twist: Mr. Lou never tries out new recipes, he sticks to his tried-and-true favorites, ensuring all his sweet creations are classic. If you’re looking for traditional, delicious delights in a stand-out packaging, he’s your go-to guy!

upografi loukoumades

The Products

  • Handmade Baklava with Pistachios & Honey 175g

  • Handmade Baklava with Nuts & Honey 175g

  • Handmade Baklava with Chocolate & Honey 175g

  • Handmade Baklava with Almonds & Honey 175g

  • Handmade Baklava with Pistachios & Honey 105g

  • Handmade Baklava with Nuts & Honey 105g

  • Handmade Baklava with Chocolate & Honey 105g

  • Handmade Baklava with Almonds & Honey 105g

  • Handmade Halva with Almonds 200g

  • Handmade Halva with Vanilla 200g

  • Handmade Halva with Cocoa 200g

  • Handmade Delights with Almonds 200g

  • Handmade Delights Mixed Flavors 200g

  • Handmade Delights Rose Flavor 200g